Danny Iny

Firepole Marketing (Mirasee)


Good at taking ownership of the projects.

3rd-Party integration

Integrated 3rd party technology APIs.


Building technology automations to improve marketing and UX.

Front and backend

Front and backend web development.

What I liked most about Cristian

He’s a good problem solver.

He has strong problem solving abilities.

He has great attitude.

J.B. Glossinger

Morning Coach

Good communication

Communicates extremely well, available when needed.

Outlines expectations

Outlines expectations and really is clear about what needs to be done.

Quick & efficient

Quick and efficient with his time, he gets a lot done for each hour.

Right answers & questions

Gets back with all the right answers and questions.

Cristian, you are by further the best developer that work for me. It is really easy to say that because one of the most important thing that i look when i need a programmer is to have a good communication with him, this is the key for succes in internet business, and you have it.
When you are miles away of distance it is very important to get fast answer, good atetions, and SOLUTIONS, and that is what you bring to me every moment i need it.
I recommend you as programmer.
THANKS YOU very much for your work, and i will come back with new ideas in a few weeks for you to develop it.

Victor RApril 30, 2012

Cristian is a good programmer with excellent skills in plugin building for WordPress. He delivers quick and with a little extra not charged work. Communicating is good and nice. It was nice doing this job together with Cristian.

NMCIMay 3, 2012

Cristian has done a wonderful job creating an extensive website in an extremely fast amount of time. His skills with programming and word press made the whole process far more simple than I ever imagined. He managed to take a basic idea and create it into a finished product in just a few days. The process was easy and Cristian was helpful every step of the way. I would recommend Cristian to everyone looking for a professional website being developed. Cristian is amazing at sticking to deadlines and is true to his word. I can't emphasize enough how brilliant working with Cristian has been. I will now be introducing the website to the rest of the team and I am sure we will be coming back to Cristian soon with further development opportunities! Thank you Cristian, I will keep in contact and will be doing business with you again very shortly I am sure.

Matthew KingDecember 3, 2012

Thank you for your work on the website Cristian. I really like the way it was done. I will contact you later to develop it further. I have recommended you to a friend also.

Timmy DeleuDecember 4, 2012

I’ve worked with quite a few developers over the years and none have been as communicative, comprehensive, and understanding as Cristian. He is a dedicated worker and will work with you to find the best solution to your problems – the type of employee we always look for: a problem solver. I whole heartedly endorse Cristian’s work and would be pleased to recommend him for any project, whether large or small.

Andrew ÜttDecember 6, 2012

Cristian, OMG no words can describe the talent he has. He is dedicated to his clients and the work he does. I have worked with other developers, designers and I have never come across anyone like Cris. He’s patient, understanding, very prompt in getting back to you and get the job done in a timely manner. I’ve never worked with WordPress and he opened my eyes to how easy it was. I’m ever so grateful for his work on my site and he’s by far the best developer/designer I have ever worked with. I’m not only blessed to have found such a great business professional but found a friend as well and I highly recommend him for any projects you have…Thanks Cris

Karla G.December 6, 2012