Hello everyone

As I have been working on a lot of interesting projects, I have not had time to update my portfolio for quite a long time ( effectively 7 years ). I do apologize as I feel that has been a bit irresponsible towards some of my future clients and that it does not reflect actual software or experience that I currently have.

I will be working in the following weeks on giving an update once a week on what has been done with the portfolio so I will be posting it here.

Currently I have added one of the latest live sites that I have worked on to my portfolio section. There are plenty of other projects that are missing from there and those are few of the scopes that I would want address in the future versions of my portfolio.

So if you spent time reading this, I appreciate it and I am looking forward to giving you the next updates moving forward.

Cristian Simion

Cristian Simion

Software Engineer / Expert @ Codeable.io / Developer